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CBER Economists See Alabama Economic Activity Picking Up in 2014

Alabama should see stronger growth in both output and employment during 2014. That's the outlook in the first quarter 2014 forecast update from the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) in The University of Alabama's Culverhouse College of Commerce. CBER uses its own Alabama Econometric Model to ...more

Alabama Businesses Cautiously Optimistic in First Quarter 2014

UA CBER's Alabama Business Confidence Index™ (ABCI) registered a cautiously optimistic 51.2 on the first quarter 2014 survey. Although down 0.7 points from the fourth quarter 2013 reading, sentiment is positive overall for the third consecutive quarter. That's a much better outlook than the pessimistic 45.4 recorded for ...more

2014 Alabama Economic Forecast Released at 26th Annual CBER Conference

Alabama is expected to see stronger growth in both economic output (GDP) and employment during 2014, according to the forecast from UA's Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER). Dr. Sam Addy, CBER Director and Associate Dean for Research and Outreach in the Culverhouse College of Commerce, presented an encouraging outlook for the state in 2014 at CBER's 26th annual Economic Outlook Conference. Around 150 attended the meeting, held January 15th in Montgomery ...more

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CBER Analysis Validates Predictive Significance of ABCI

Each quarter business executives across Alabama take the online Alabama Business Confidence Index™ (ABCI) survey, a project of the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) in UA's Culverhouse College of Commerce. The recent Q4 2013 survey marked 48 consecutive quarters of ABCI results. Using these survey results, CBER has completed a Validation Analysis comparing statewide trends in the ABCI and ...more

The University of Alabama 2011-2012 Economic Impacts

For 2011-2012, The University of Alabama (UA) economic impacts on the State of Alabama were $2.259 billion and 11,555 jobs. About $93.5 million in state and local tax revenues were generated; $58.5 million for the state and $35 million in local jurisdictions. 

For every $1 of state appropriation UA created a $15.47 statewide impact with leveraging. Alabama will realize a 14.3 percent annual rate of return on the $146 million state appropriation to UA over the working life of the 2011-2012 graduating class from $1.1 billion in additional income and sales taxes ($792 million state and $337 million local).

Alabama home football games had a total impact of $175.5 million on the state, an average of $25.1 million per game ...more

UA Economist Provides Cost-Benefit Analysis of New Alabama Immigration Law

In a new study, Dr. Samuel Addy, Director of UA's Center for Business and Economic Research, utilizes cost-benefit analysis to assess the economic impacts of HB 56, the Alabama immigration law ...more

Report takes broad look at Alabama economy and related topics

A study completed by CBER in 2011 for the Alabama Association of Regional Councils (AARC) assesses the status of the state’s economy, people, resources, and environment in global, national, and regional contexts.  The 53-page report, Alabama in the Global Economy, considers the question of “Where do we go from here?” and offers policy recommendations for sustainable development.  It is part of the AARC’s recent update of Alabama’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  You can visit the Alabama CEDS website at for reports, data, and maps or access the Alabama in the Global Economy report directly here.

Preliminary Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes in Alabama

Preliminary macroeconomic impact estimates of the April 27, 2011 tornadoes that hit Alabama are reductions of (i) 0.2-0.5 percent in employment or 5,600-13,200 jobs, (ii) 0.2-0.5 percent in state tax collections or $19.1-44.5 million, (iii) 0.5-0.7 percent in Alabama Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or $835 million to $1.3 billion, and (iv) $4.4-10.2 million in local sales tax collections.  These loss effects are expected to be experienced in 2011 only ...more

BP Oil Spill Preliminary Macroeconomic Impacts on Alabama

The Center for Business and Economic Research has released preliminary macroeconomic impact estimates of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill on Alabama for 2010 ...more


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