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Economic Forecasting/Analysis

CBER has produced forecasts of economic activity in Alabama since 1980. These forecasts cover Alabama Gross Domestic Product, employment, and income by industry group and are published in the annual Alabama Economic Outlook. Forecast updates are run quarterly. The current economic forecast is Second Quarter 2015.

CBER conducts the Alabama Business Confidence Index™ (ABCI) survey quarterly. The online survey provides a forecast of how Alabama business executives think the nation, the state, and their industry will perform during the upcoming quarter. Indices are calculated for the state as a whole, four major metro areas, and selected industries. Results of the survey are published in a quarterly online newsletter and are included in the Center’s economic outlook presentations.

CBER uses economic and statistical modeling and analysis techniques in funded research projects.

Examples of Center projects include:

  • Economic Impact of Retail Electric Competition in Alabama
  • Telecommunications in Alabama: Economic Analysis of Changes in Property and Utility Taxation
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Policy Planning to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Economic Impact of The Boeing Company on Alabama
  • Economic Impact of the Coalbed Methane Industry


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