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Alabama Economic Outlook©

CBER publishes its annual short-term forecast for the Alabama economy as the Alabama Economic Outlook, issued in January.

The forecast covers output and employment by sector. Current economic conditions and trends and their likely effects on the national and Alabama economies are also examined. The Outlook is supplemented by a companion publication of detailed forecast tables.

The Outlook and the forecast tables sell for $40 each. Order online.

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Alabama Business

Alabama Business became a quarterly publication in 2000. Each issue contains a quarterly Alabama economic forecast update.

Alabama Business is a free publication. Users can access the recent issues online in PDF format. To view or print a document in PDF format, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Alabama Business, November 2018 Update (pdf)

Alabama Business, September 2018 Update (pdf)
Alabama Business,
June 2018 Update (pdf)
Alabama Business,
January 2018 Update (pdf)
Alabama Business,
October Update (pdf)
Alabama Business, August Update (pdf)
Alabama Business,
First Quarter 2017 (pdf)

Alabama Business, Third Quarter 2016 (pdf)
Alabama Business, Second Quarter 2016 (pdf)
Alabama Business, First Quarter 2016 (pdf)
Alabama Business, Fourth Quarter 2015 (pdf)
Alabama Business,
Third Quarter 2015 (pdf)

Alabama Business, Second Quarter 2015 (pdf)
Alabama Business,
First Quarter 2015 (pdf)

Alabama Business, Fourth Quarter 2014 (pdf)
Alabama Business, Third Quarter 2014 (pdf)

Alabama Business, Second Quarter 2014 (pdf)
Alabama Business,
First Quarter 2014 (pdf)

Alabama Business, Fouth Quarter 2013 (pdf)
Alabama Business, Third Quarter 2013 (pdf)

Alabama Business Archive


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